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Technology is constantly changing, advancing and evolving, and it is something that is noticeable throughout our everyday lives. Gone are the days when students are using encyclopedias to do research and writing their papers with a pen and paper or on a typewriter. Technology has taken complicated everyday tasks and made them very easy to complete. The following are just some of the ways technology is changing the world.

Healthcare technology is one of the largest growing technology sectors in the world. The advancements in the industry are giving health professionals access to new ways to diagnose and treat patients. There are even tests available to patients for early diagnoses to diseases like cancer, Alzheimer’s and dementia. Technology advancements have even made it possible to predict that certain diseases could be little to nonexistent in the future.

Technology has allowed the e-learning industry to grow at rapid rates. Education is no longer done in a traditional classroom setting with a student and a teacher. Technology has allowed education to be done online using various technology-based tools such as the internet. Technology has also made it possible for working individuals to go back to school to complete their degree or achieve another degree. They can log into their class and complete their work when it is convenient for their schedule.

Communication has been made simpler by advancements in technology. Advancements in communication allow individuals to constantly be in touch with one another. Society once used telegraphs to send messages to each other, but with the creation of mobile devices like computers or smartphones, communication can now be done through texting, email, Skype and video messaging.

Automation is something that can be done automatically without the assistance of a human and is something that is used in every single day without someone even noticing. Automation can be something as simple as the thermostat in your house kicking on the heat or your coffeemaker having a fresh cup of coffee waiting for you in the morning. While automation allows you to control how something is done, the action is completely done by machinery.

Unfortunately, automation is often viewed as a negative for technology in the future. Individuals fear that robots and computers will eventually take away jobs from people. But automation is a tool for individuals who have disabilities and can not physically do some things for themselves. It allows them to be somewhat independent and not have to rely on someone to always be there helping them.

As technology continues to change, advance and evolve, technology giants will continue to find new ways to make advancements that move society into the future.