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Kartik Dixit | Houston

Kartik Dixit has years of experience working in and around computers and technology which has lead to a lengthy career in the industry. As a Senior Project Manager with Indigo Beam, he specialized in Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), applications, infrastructure as well as business operations. As a business professional and leader, Dixit strives to help his clients, solve business challenges with innovative approaches. He prides himself on putting the best interests of the organization first to ensure the best possible outcomes. Over the course of his accomplished career, Kartik Dixit worked with a variety of clients from varied industries such as Aera Energy, TPC Group, Schlumberger, Microsoft, Equilon, ChevronTexaco, Air Liquide, AIM Funds, Harris County Auditor’s Office, City of Houston, BMC, SITEL,, and CCG Venture Partners to name a few.

Given the complexity and high-pressure environment he works in, he understands the importance of great communication. In order for seamless transitions and implementation, there needs to be a clear understanding on all sides.

Sizable projects have never intimidated Kartik Dixit as proven by his track record such as his implementing a PMO to manage a $200 million project portfolio. Over the course of his career he hit major milestones like managing more than 70 employees and more than a $20 million operating budget. Dixit attributes much of his success to his strong technical background and experience leading and motivating individuals and groups with diverse backgrounds.

As a skilled manager, Kartik Dixit tries to practice equal parts accountability and mentoring with his staff. He wants each person on his team to feel like they make impactful contributions to every project, while also knowing they can come to him when problems inevitably arise. Dixit believes that asking questions is imperative to fostering growth and as a manager he believes it’s his duty to help his employees find growth inside and outside of the workplace.


Dixit’s educational background reflects his thirst for knowledge. He is driven and continued to pursue his passions and expand his understanding on new concepts and trends throughout his career. Beginning with his undergraduate degree Delhi University in New Delhi, India, Kartik Dixit quickly realized his passions for maths, sciences and problem solving. At Delhi University, Dixit studied Mathematics, ultimately obtaining his Bachelor of Science in the field. He went on to study stateside at the University of Houston. While there, he studied Mathematics and minored in Computer Science. Dixit loved seeing how the two seemed to meld into each other. Dixit culminated his studies at the University of Houston with Masters of Science in Computer Science.

Outside of the classroom, he was a member of the Governing Board for CFO and HR Executive Summit as well as a member of the CIO Executive Summit. The University of Houston awarded Dixit a Graduate Scholarship attributed to his success and desire to learn.