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Innovative technology has revolutionized our everyday lives. It has made daily tasks like navigation, communication and even shopping easier and much more manageable. Home care, remodeling and renovations has radically changed because of smart-home technology. The typical annoyances and pains of everyday home care is now a thing of the past:

Smoke Detector Modifications

A smoke detector can go off whether there’s an emergency or not. Even if there’s just a little too much smoke when cooking dinner the detector can be set off and is followed the annoying beeping. The beeping sound of the detector definitely alerts the residents of a home that there may be a fire, but in times that there isn’t a fire, the sound is annoying and a hassle to deal with. The new smoke detector technology of today alerts you when there is a smoke detection and offers details on how to fix it through your smartphone. It detects smoke and carbon monoxide, lets you silence the alarm through your phone and alerts you when the battery is low.

Improved Security Cameras

More and more homes are adding cameras to their security system. Although they are a huge help keeping a watchful eye on your home and can inform you or police of any intruders, the quality of these cameras is less desirable. Most importantly, many of the cameras offer blurry footage at night. By opting for smart camera instead, you are ensuring clear footage during day or night. The new technology uses infrared night vision and LED light bulbs in the camera lenses and an infrared-cut filter during daylight hours. It’s important to look at samples of footage, during the day and night, before purchasing a smart camera.

Security Against Package Theft

Package theft has become a growing and problematic crime. Packages will be left on doorsteps for hours waiting for the homeowner to return home and retrieve it. All this time leaves opportunity for porch pirates to steal packages in broad daylight. Sometimes security cameras, even advanced ones, are unable to pick up a face to identify the thief. Technology like a smart doorbell is an answer to this problem. A smart doorbell uses video footage to record the porch. It will detect movement and immediately begin recording clear footage of whoever is on the porch. The smart doorbell sends a notification to your phone is movement is detected and you will be able to see if there is any unwanted visitors or a crime being committed.

Prevent Water Damage

Leaks and water damage take no time at all to ruin a beautiful home. It can destroy walls, floors and other parts of your home. Time is of the essence when water damage has struck and you must clean it up quickly. This can be a challenge if a leak happens when you’re out of town and aren’t made aware of the damage until days later. There are now smart leak detectors to prevent this from happening in your home. They use sensors to detect if there’s water where it shouldn’t be and can even shut off the main water valve if a leak gets worse. It will alert your mobile device and make you aware of the water damage to get it take care of as quickly as possible.

Conserving Energy

Nothing can hurt your bank account more than high energy bills. Whether its a hot summer day and you’ve cranked up the air conditioning a little too high or kept the heating running too long in the winter, your energy bills will go through the roof. A smart thermostat will save you the trouble of monitoring temperature and can save you hundreds of dollars a year. It adjusts temperature automatically according to a family’s schedule, and will keep you at a setting that will save money and conserve energy.