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New forms of technology are being created every day in an effort to make people’s everyday lives easier, and more connected. Knowing this, it does not come as a significant surprise to learn that various technology degrees are becoming more appealing for several reasons, including a decent starting wage. As the advances in technology continue, so will the desire to earn a technology degree. Here are some of the most common technology degrees that can prepare someone for the industry in the future.

Electronic and Communication Engineering
While the electronic and communication engineering degree did not exist 15 years ago, it is becoming a prominent choice in recent years. With the degree, graduates will have the skill-set to build and design smart technology that is used on a daily basis. Some examples that this degree focuses on include smartphones and laptops. Additionally, people will have the option of working in the technology field or the engineering field, as the degree prepares them for both arenas. Another major advantage of the electronic and communication engineering degree is the salary, with the average starting salary sitting around $65,000 per year.

Computer Engineering
The computer engineering degree has a stronger focus on the development of computer programs. The program combines electrical engineering and computer science, which are also common technology degrees. Graduates will have the knowledge to build both hardware and software for a computer, while also receiving a background of the process of building a computer. With an average starting salary of $68,400, the computer engineering degree continues to grow in popularity.

Computer Science
For anyone who is not sure what area of technology they would like to pursue, a degree in computer science is a good route. A computer science degree does not have a specific focus, which allows individuals to learn about computer technology altogether, giving them the opportunity to explore a variety of fields. A computer science degree can prepare someone for several careers, including software developer, systems analyst, and IT programmer or manager. Another advantage to the computer science degree is the average starting salary at $63,100 per year.

In order to keep up with the ever-evolving field of technology, more technology degrees, like the ones discussed above, will become available. This can help ensure that individuals are prepared for a high-skilled, specific career. Understanding what the different technology degrees can offer will not only help students find their passion but can help prepare students for their specific fields within technology.